How to Chongo mount a slackline

chongoiconChongo mount is a technique employed to get up on the line from the side, primarily used in remounting highlines after a fall, or for any other line from the mantle position (for instance, a 7- or 8-foot-high slackline).

I taught myself to Chongo before I knew what it was, and without any real guidance. As a result, my first attempts weren’t so great. I tried to bring my second foot to the line while both hands were also on the line, which causes a lack of stability. Later I learned to get both hands off, for balance, before bringing up the second leg. The video below demonstrates both methods, and should make abundantly clear why I prefer the latter. I found it easiest to learn on a line that was 5 or 6 feet high (over sand) so I couldn’t cheat and touch the ground with my other leg while trying to mount, but a person could also learn on a lower line if the height is too intimidating.

I think if you give it a dozen tries, you will find you’ll master it quite quickly. Also, if you’re very intimidated, have a friend crouch on the other side (the side you’re facing) as a spotter, in case you fall forward hard. I actually prefer learning stuff like this up higher, say on a 6-ft-high slackline, so when things go badly I have more time to recover before hitting the ground, and if I can manage to catch the line on my way down it will be guaranteed I don’t hit the ground; with a lower line there is less reaction time, and line-catching doesn’t assure you won’t have a meeting with the dirt.

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