Waterline on Lake Union

Waterline on Lake Union

August 27 and 28 we rigged a 70ft slackline between the footbridge and the cape that makes up much of South Lake Union Park in Seattle. Probably a dozen or so different slackers came out, plus a few folks gave it a shot despite never having slacklined. Overall, this line far exceeded my expectations. Between […]

Cal Anderson Park

Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill (in Seattle) is a great spot for a 100-200ft slackline.  There is a berm, in the shape of a [200+ft diameter] half circle, 10 or so big trees for anchorage.  10ft slings needed to wrap the trees for a long line (6-8ft probably do-able on most trees for a […]


At Micah’s invitation, we took off for a few days of camping, climbing, and slacklining in Squamish, British Columbia. 4 hours north of Seattle, Squamish has a great feel of remoteness. Adding to this was the fact that my cellphone provider wanted to charge me $1/minute to use my phone while in Canada; for the […]

Seattle Slackline Spots

Thinking of slacklining in Seattle?  Here are a few spots I like.  I’ve taken the liberty of adding several of them to Google Maps.  If you search “seattle slackline” on gmaps, you should get my three favorite spots as the top results. Golden Gardens My favorite slackline spot is Golden Gardens beach in Ballard.  Sand […]

Greenlake pulleys test

I bought a pulley setup from SBI. Overall, I was pretty unhappy with the experience. I paid for 2 day shipping through their web site, and within a day their site showed the order status as “shipped.” After three weeks I emailed them to ask “what the heck?” and was sent a response about how […]

Gasworks Slackline

Bonnie and I were at Gasworks today, and stumbled upon a couple of guys with a line up at the south west portion of the actual “gasworks” metal structures. There are two vertical metal poles (about 4-5″ in diameter, if I recall), suitable for a 25ft(ish) line between. Also, the ring of trees in the […]