Cal Anderson Park

Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill (in Seattle) is a great spot for a 100-200ft slackline.  There is a berm, in the shape of a [200+ft diameter] half circle, 10 or so big trees for anchorage.  10ft slings needed to wrap the trees for a long line (6-8ft probably do-able on most trees for a shorter line).  I’ve been setting up a 160ft span the last 5 days in a row.  A photo below of me sending the line today, as well as Jeff (a slacker I met there about a month ago working on the line).


  1. alyssa says:

    i was wondering if you still go slacklining at cal anderson park because i’ve been looking to get some practice but i haven’t been able to find any and i don’t own my own webbing.

  2. High… lol… I’am new to this sport and met a guy at Cal Anderson park the other day who is passionate about Slackline and the very next day I went to Greenlake/U-Dist. and also,at the lake I met another guy (and Friend)with 2 Slacklines setup. And you both with around a year of Experience,said to me you hope more people will enjoy and get into this sport. I’am now also support and will enjoy this sport. So to you Both, Thank You.. For the challenge me,myself,and I face. “I Accept” an look for you again
    Peace4now TigerG. Campbell

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