Waterline on Lake Union

Waterline on Lake Union

August 27 and 28 we rigged a 70ft slackline between the footbridge and the cape that makes up much of South Lake Union Park in Seattle. Probably a dozen or so different slackers came out, plus a few folks gave it a shot despite never having slacklined. Overall, this line far exceeded my expectations. Between […]

Gibbon Games 2011

Gibbon Games 2011

Gibbon USA invited me to be an official judge for the Gibbon Games in Salt Lake City, UT, and I couldn’t be happier. Overall the experience was amazing, and I had a chance to not only catch up with old friends but make many, many new ones. The video at right contains some practice session […]


Well, we’ve been in Ghana almost a week and finally got a chance to get a slackline up. Many parts of the beaches here are deforested from animals and people foraging food and fire wood, but we found a section of the beach in Cape Coast west of the resort areas that looks like it […]

Slackline Africa!

Slackline Africa!

We’re headed to Africa, primarily to film a nation-wide measles inoculation campaign in Ghana, but we plan to bring a bunch of slackline gear, both as a way to pass the time and as a way to meet and connect with new people in West Africa.  Pretty much everything else that needs saying is covered […]

500ft longline at Marymoor Park

Martin came down from Vancouver today and we spent about 4 hours rigging a 500ft line at Marymoor park.  Due to the line being new and inexplicably stretchy we had some difficulty getting the stretch-factor right, even after bumping from 10% to 15% we were still way off (we closed the pulleys at 15% and […]

May 9th meetup at Golden Gardens

May 9th meetup at Golden Gardens

Thanks to everyone who came out today.  We had a wide variety of lines (including an 80ft from Jim and a triangle line!).  This was the third nice day of the year and it feels as if summer is right around the corner.  We all had a ton of fun, made a few more slackline […]

Seattle Times features Northwest Slackline

The Seattle Times published an article Thursday about NW Slackline and our efforts to promulgate the sport all around the Pacific Northwest.  It’s also featured today (Friday) at the top of their web site [link]. I’m a little sad they weren’t able to get a photographer to come out for our March 14th meet (when […]

Golden Gardens Playground Renovation

Seattle Parks and Recreation is going to spend $500,000 to put in a new playground at Golden Gardens park in Ballard.  Kids love slacklines.  I see some possibilities here.  The benefits are manifold.  First off, kids would get a more safe (rubberized surface if they fall) and more accessible (lower + shorter) slackline (or slacklines!) […]

March 14 meetup.

Thanks to everybody who had a chance to make it out to the beach today.  I’ll try to post some video in the next few days, schedule permitting.  For now, here’s a quick teaser of the fun…

Evening Magazine segment airing Tues the 2nd at 7pm

Evening Magazine segment airing Tues the 2nd at 7pm

For everyone who was so kind to come out and join us at the beach, here’s the segment!



Katie and I talked about where we could go volunteer today, to make MLK day a “day on” rather than a “day off.”  There were a few projects going on across town, mostly landscaping related.  When we woke up today and saw the beautiful weather, we had no choice — today would be a day […]

Mike and Jeremy discover Cal Anderson slacklining

As soon as we walked into the tree-ring at Cal Anderson Park, Mike remarked to me how much he enjoys visiting states with slackliners who know their cities.  Cal Anderson does not disappoint a visiting longliner, that’s all I have to say. We rigged one of my 165-foot pink (un-threaded) lines, and then about 20 […]

Q13 Morning Show!

Q13 Morning Show!

If you’re loading this site for the first time, after seeing slacklining on Q13 this morning: GREAT!  Slackline is incredibly simple but also incredibly fun.  The most useful articles on this site are linked directly from the Frequently Asked Questions page, so I’d check that out first if you’re new to slackline.  It has links […]

Alpha Mike and Jeremy come to town…

Alpha Mike and Jeremy are in town for a day or two, doing a demo at REI for Gibbon (the German guys who make the super static 2″ ratchet lines).  After their demo we met up at Golden Gardens for some one-inch fun.  More pics to come after tomorrow’s slacktivities…

Midwest slacklining, indoors and in style.

I got a line on a possible indoor slack spot, to help keep my slackline chops honed while it’s below zero outside.  Today I got my hands on the key, and this spot is pretty epic.  Aside from the hardness of the floor, this is a nice little spot. I don’t want to give away […]

Midwest Slackline dot org?

I’ve absconded to Wisconsin for a short while.  I wasn’t slacking much in Seattle with the “cold weather,” but after a week or two here and some -20°F weather, I have a new appreciation for the relative comfort afforded by weather that allows water to remain a liquid.

Gasworks View

Ever since moving to Seattle, I’d had an idea about slacking on the scary-side of the railing at Gasworks, with the city in the background behind me.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to give this a quick test.  With a more telephoto lens, and better prep, this could be a nicely […]

Joshua Tree

Okay, so it’s not in the NW, and some of the photos aren’t slacklining, but dammit, it’s Joshua Tree. This post is a little late in coming, as we all went to Jtree on July 11th. Sorry Jesse/Sunny about the slow photo posting. (I also have some slide film I shot of this trip, but […]

Golden Gardens on a Tuesday afternoon

Bonnie and I put in an hour at GG today, and bumped into Joey and Cody right as we were setting up.  Joey’s mentioned in this Stranger blog post.

Stormy Slacklining at Golden Gardens

I don’t own a television, so I’m somewhat removed from a lot of local news and other typical gossip.  As a consequence of this, I have no idea what precipitated the winds, but a storm of some kind rolled through here Saturday.  My friend, Elsbeth, and I already had slackline plans, so we met at […]

Santa Monica, Reunited.

I popped down to Santa Monica for the weekend.  Sadly, I only saw about half of the people I was hoping to slack with, but it was still a great trip.  A few of the photos I took on Sunday are below.