Stormy Slacklining at Golden Gardens

I don’t own a television, so I’m somewhat removed from a lot of local news and other typical gossip.  As a consequence of this, I have no idea what precipitated the winds, but a storm of some kind rolled through here Saturday.  My friend, Elsbeth, and I already had slackline plans, so we met at GG at 3pm, despite our mutual knowledge that it was “windy” out.  I rode my bicycle onto the beach to find dozens of kiteboarders out, one of whom told me the wind was 40mph with gusts beyond 60mph.  The wind was picking up still, and within half an hour the kiteboarders had all disappeared, leaving Elsbeth and I to slack alone.

It was REALLY windy.  In Santa Monica the winds on the beach can get kinda rough, but nothing like this.  I found the line relatively easy to walk, although with the wind at my back I did go tumbling one time.

50mph winds at my backAdam takes a tumble

No comment!Wind in my face!

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