Mike and Jeremy discover Cal Anderson slacklining

As soon as we walked into the tree-ring at Cal Anderson Park, Mike remarked to me how much he enjoys visiting states with slackliners who know their cities.  Cal Anderson does not disappoint a visiting longliner, that’s all I have to say.

We rigged one of my 165-foot pink (un-threaded) lines, and then about 20 feet south of it we rigged a 240-foot span of type18 that Mike had with him.  Deuling longlines!  This might be the longest line that has been rigged within Seattle city limits (I know James has setup a 360-footer, but he travels often enough it was likely in another state, haha).  The type18 was noticeably heavier, and I felt very shaky, having only walked unthreaded tubular lines this year (not to mention it was close to 100ft longer than my usual “practice” longline).  That said, it was still great, and I was happy to send it several times.

Mike and Jeremy were both busting longline tricks, something that definitely humbled me, haha.  Mike was throwing some ridiculous butt-bounces, surfs, and jump-straddle-mounts … not easily done on an eight-foot-high 200-foot-long slackline!

Jim, Abram, and Miranda also came out.  Abram can be seen on the pink line in the second photo down (left column), and Miranda and Jim are visible in the “4 lines” photo.


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