500ft longline at Marymoor Park

500_2 500_1

Martin came down from Vancouver today and we spent about 4 hours rigging a 500ft line at Marymoor park.  Due to the line being new and inexplicably stretchy we had some difficulty getting the stretch-factor right, even after bumping from 10% to 15% we were still way off (we closed the pulleys at 15% and only had 2100lbs of tension, which quickly dropped to 1800 as the line elongated more).

With only 1800lbs of tension it was still touching well before you’d get to the middle of the line, but with closer to 3000 or 3500lbs it should be reasonably walkable — as walkable as any 500ft nylon line ever is. We’re going to make a go of it again on Sunday early to midway though the afternoon if anyone wants to join. There are also many trees there (big ones, though) for those who want to setup shorter than 500ft! UPDATE: Sunday was canceled due to intermittent rain; look for the 500ft line to appear soon! UPDATE #2: Sunday the 30th we will be rigging this line again.  Anyone who wants to come, just drop me an email or a message on facebook (or a text if you have my number).

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