Northwest Slackline is run by Adam Burtle.  He created this site to help centralize and organize the slackline community in the Pacific Northwest. In 2008 he met dozens of slackliners in various parks around the city of Seattle, but found few of them making any effort to slackline in groups.

Having learned to Slackline in Los Angeles, where there’s a thriving group of Sunday slackers at the Santa Monica Pier, Adam came to be quite fond of the community atmosphere associated with slacklining there.  Slackline groups mean different types of lines to play on, plenty of help to pull your line tight, and tips from fellow enthusiasts.

This community is open to anyone and everyone. Whether you’re looking for people to slack with, a new spot to try out, some info about threading/pullies/etc, hopefully this site can help. If you’re interested in picking up the sport, there’s beginner info in the FAQ, and newbies are totally welcome to come out to slack with us anytime (bring your friends!).  If you have any questions, or need any help, just use the contact page.  Anyone who slacklines (or wants to learn) is automatically our friend.