The ultimate in slackline tree padding

The ultimate in slackline tree padding

I’m always improving little aspects of my slackline setup, and in early 2010 I realized that the towel strips I was using would be way better if they were tubes instead of strips.  I started using duct tape to make them into tubes, and then eventually began to sew them.  The strips fray and give […]

Slacklining is legal in Seattle parks, once and for all.

The Stranger is running an article on the emerging slackline debacle that kicked off a week or so ago when a security officer stopped me in Cal Anderson park and insisted slacklining was illegal. I posted the details previously, and to briefly summarize: the police were called, slacklining is not illegal, does not (in the […]

Resources for keeping slackline legal

After the whole fully-public ordeal with the legalization of slackline in Seattle, many people have written to me privately asking for suggestions or sharing of whatever resources I may have in order to assist them in pursuing a similar course of action in their own communities. Unfortunately some of you are up against a tougher […]

Slackline: officially illegal.  Or not?

Slackline: officially illegal. Or not?

I’ve written about some access issues and confusion with parks employees in Seattle as long ago as 2009. This has mostly been an isolated issue. In the last three weeks, several people from our community have been ejected from parks around Washington. On July 24, 2011, while slacklining at Cal Anderson park, I had yet […]

Legality of Slacklining in Seattle…

Solutions I am attempting to work with Parks & Rec to come to a mutually beneficial access policy.  As I’ve stated below slacklining in Seattle is totally legal (when done responsibly). That said, it seems a very few employees of the Parks dept may see things another way, and it would be nice to have […]

Tree Padding

Adam here, making an edit to my original 2008 post now in the summer of 2012. Tree padding is a serious issue — we should pad trees where our equipment comes in contact, and we should do it both because scientists believe this is required to ensure the health of the trees and because the […]