Seattle Slackline Spots

Thinking of slacklining in Seattle?  Here are a few spots I like.  I’ve taken the liberty of adding several of them to Google Maps.  If you search “seattle slackline” on gmaps, you should get my three favorite spots as the top results.

Golden Gardens

My favorite slackline spot is Golden Gardens beach in Ballard.  Sand is forgiving when you fall, there’s a great grove of Locust trees that you can use for anchorage, and there are some halfway sturdy volleyball poles for attaching to, as well.  Only downside of this spot is that the practical limit on line length is around 50-60ft (and there are only one or two places to setup a line this long)… most days you’ll be setting up 20-40ft lines.  Please use tree padding.

Cal Anderson

Cal Anderson park on Capitol Hill is my new favorite longline spot. There is a semicircle of beefy trees, with a valley in between them (allowing for lower lines that still don’t touch the ground in the middle), and possibility for 70-200ft lines.  There are also a few places to setup 20-35ft lines pretty easily.  I have been having some access issues here later, with rangers asking me not to attach to the streetlamps, and also accusing me of “obstructing access” to the park (but not explicitly asking me to remove my longline).  I am working to come to a resolution regarding a slackline policy that will work for everyone.


Gasworks Park in Wallingford is scenic, and the exposed pipes of the gaswork structure allow for 15-30ft lines pretty easily.  There are only 2 or 3 spots to rig lines, but I have met other slackers here, and the view is incredible.

Other places of note:

  • Greenlake (lots of 20-200ft possibilities here)
  • Marymoor (several different places to rig 30-60ft, good if you’re stuck on the Eastside)
  • Roanoke Park (some 30-40ft options)
  • Alki Beach (if the volleyball poles are unoccupied)
  • The UW Quad (I haven’t slacked there, but I hear it’s an active spot)

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