Rainy highline

James took me to a wicked spot over the Skykomish today.  Bolted on both sides, awesome waterfall in the background, pouring rain, everything (slackline included) slick like ice; perfect! A couple of shots below, plus here’s a quick timelapse video on youtube.

Epic Highline

Rigging beta contained within. Do not rig highlines if you don’t know what you’re doing. You will die if you setup something incorrectly. If you’re not experienced, learn from someone who is. If you’re in the NW and want to watch/learn/walk a highline, drop me an e-mail. I finally had a chance to rig the […]

Arrowhead Highline

Second post in a row that I am 3 months late on 🙁  Apologies to Jesse, Matus, and Dave.  This is a highline a few hrs outside of LA, shown to Jesse and me by the illustrious Matus.  Here is a google map to its location. Rigging Beta.  WARNING: do not rig highlines if you […]