500ft longline at Marymoor Park

Martin came down from Vancouver today and we spent about 4 hours rigging a 500ft line at Marymoor park.  Due to the line being new and inexplicably stretchy we had some difficulty getting the stretch-factor right, even after bumping from 10% to 15% we were still way off (we closed the pulleys at 15% and […]


Slackline is different from tightrope, tightwire, slackrope, (etc) in that it uses a dynamic webbing. Although slackline webbing feels flat, and feels static when in your hands, it is actually a tube (that is stretched flat), and once you put your weight on it you can feel it is quite elastic. There is some semantic […]

Epic Highline

Rigging beta contained within. Do not rig highlines if you don’t know what you’re doing. You will die if you setup something incorrectly. If you’re not experienced, learn from someone who is. If you’re in the NW and want to watch/learn/walk a highline, drop me an e-mail. I finally had a chance to rig the […]