Epic Highline

Rigging beta contained within. Do not rig highlines if you don’t know what you’re doing. You will die if you setup something incorrectly. If you’re not experienced, learn from someone who is. If you’re in the NW and want to watch/learn/walk a highline, drop me an e-mail. I finally had a chance to rig the […]

Midwest slacklining, indoors and in style.

I got a line on a possible indoor slack spot, to help keep my slackline chops honed while it’s below zero outside.  Today I got my hands on the key, and this spot is pretty epic.  Aside from the hardness of the floor, this is a nice little spot. I don’t want to give away […]

Midwest Slackline dot org?

I’ve absconded to Wisconsin for a short while.  I wasn’t slacking much in Seattle with the “cold weather,” but after a week or two here and some -20°F weather, I have a new appreciation for the relative comfort afforded by weather that allows water to remain a liquid.