Primitive tension testing results.

Recently I saw someone rigging a “primitive” slackline with five carabiners (one on the static end, and four for the tension system). The “elegant friction lock” method I use was also not being employed. Basically this is as far as you can get from how I setup my primitive systems and still be considered the […]

Strength of 3 men, for only $20

Strength of 3 men, for only $20

All of you should be familiar with the basic “Ellington” or “primitive” system.  It uses 4 carabiners: 1 to hold the end of the line to one anchor; 1 hitched or line-locked about 80% of the distance from that anchor; 2 more at the other anchor, and a very ‘primitive’ looping of the remaining 20% […]

Greenlake pulleys test

I bought a pulley setup from SBI. Overall, I was pretty unhappy with the experience. I paid for 2 day shipping through their web site, and within a day their site showed the order status as “shipped.” After three weeks I emailed them to ask “what the heck?” and was sent a response about how […]