Kofi webbing anchor testing

A while ago I published a long-in-the-making article on my custom built Kofi webbing anchors.  The article is really dense, but covers most of the aspects of designing a webbing anchor — I published it so that most readers can appreciate the work that the folks at Landcruising and Balance Community put into designing their […]

Kofi – the modular webbing locker

Kofi – the modular webbing locker

This article, for most readers, is meant to just be a bit of a curiosity. I am not encouraging you to build your own webbing anchor device. Why not? Well, unless you have access to: machining equipment; a qualified engineer who can double check that your materials and tolerances are safe for the loads the […]

NWslackline guide to longlining (Part 2): Webbing Attachment

Knots and line lockers You have to attach the line to the anchor sling (and your tightening system) somehow.  Since the beginning, slackliners were tying knots and using hitches to rig their lines. Sometime in the early-to-mid 2000s, the use of a chain-link line locker became popular. These reduce the ‘folds’ in the webbing, allowing […]