Mike and Jeremy discover Cal Anderson slacklining

As soon as we walked into the tree-ring at Cal Anderson Park, Mike remarked to me how much he enjoys visiting states with slackliners who know their cities.  Cal Anderson does not disappoint a visiting longliner, that’s all I have to say. We rigged one of my 165-foot pink (un-threaded) lines, and then about 20 [...]


Gasworks Midline

Today we rigged the sequel to last year’s Gasworks cityscape post. Mike and Jeremy delighted tourists, along with a short walk by me (adam).  This is flash-slackline at its best!  Note, this line carries a lot of risk due to its height (which does not afford a leash).  If you put this line up I [...]

Mike surf 2

Alpha Mike and Jeremy come to town…

Alpha Mike and Jeremy are in town for a day or two, doing a demo at REI for Gibbon (the German guys who make the super static 2″ ratchet lines).  After their demo we met up at Golden Gardens for some one-inch fun.  More pics to come after tomorrow’s slacktivities…