Mike and Jeremy discover Cal Anderson slacklining

As soon as we walked into the tree-ring at Cal Anderson Park, Mike remarked to me how much he enjoys visiting states with slackliners who know their cities.  Cal Anderson does not disappoint a visiting longliner, that’s all I have to say. We rigged one of my 165-foot pink (un-threaded) lines, and then about 20 […]

Legality of Slacklining in Seattle…

Solutions I am attempting to work with Parks & Rec to come to a mutually beneficial access policy.  As I’ve stated below slacklining in Seattle is totally legal (when done responsibly). That said, it seems a very few employees of the Parks dept may see things another way, and it would be nice to have […]

Cal Anderson Park

Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill (in Seattle) is a great spot for a 100-200ft slackline.  There is a berm, in the shape of a [200+ft diameter] half circle, 10 or so big trees for anchorage.  10ft slings needed to wrap the trees for a long line (6-8ft probably do-able on most trees for a […]

Seattle Slackline Spots

Thinking of slacklining in Seattle?  Here are a few spots I like.  I’ve taken the liberty of adding several of them to Google Maps.  If you search “seattle slackline” on gmaps, you should get my three favorite spots as the top results. Golden Gardens My favorite slackline spot is Golden Gardens beach in Ballard.  Sand […]