Midwest slacklining, indoors and in style.

I got a line on a possible indoor slack spot, to help keep my slackline chops honed while it’s below zero outside.  Today I got my hands on the key, and this spot is pretty epic.  Aside from the hardness of the floor, this is a nice little spot. I don’t want to give away […]

Midwest Slackline dot org?

I’ve absconded to Wisconsin for a short while.  I wasn’t slacking much in Seattle with the “cold weather,” but after a week or two here and some -20°F weather, I have a new appreciation for the relative comfort afforded by weather that allows water to remain a liquid.

Gasworks View

Ever since moving to Seattle, I’d had an idea about slacking on the scary-side of the railing at Gasworks, with the city in the background behind me.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to give this a quick test.  With a more telephoto lens, and better prep, this could be a nicely […]

Gasworks Slackline

Bonnie and I were at Gasworks today, and stumbled upon a couple of guys with a line up at the south west portion of the actual “gasworks” metal structures. There are two vertical metal poles (about 4-5″ in diameter, if I recall), suitable for a 25ft(ish) line between. Also, the ring of trees in the […]