NWslackline Guide to longling: (Part 5) Walking

I’ll add some text here in a few hours, but for now, the video is up. Sorry it took a few extra months to finish editing it because of my school schedule!


  1. Jason Deters says:

    Thanks so much for this guide! It is very informative. I’m walking a 70 footer now, and I appreciate the information about which skills i’ll need to hone in order to handle longer lines.

  2. jeff says:

    At 1:56, whats the thing going around the bolts on the kofi? Looks like some sort of band or wire?

    EDIT: good catch! That’s one of the recent updates to my Kofi design; it’s a very tight fitting industrial rubber band to keep the nuts from being able to come loose (basically a poor man’s cotter pin). I used to just tape them but this works more elegantly. I could drill them and use a pin, or use locknuts (or lock washer), but all of those seem too extreme.

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