Gasworks Midline

Today we rigged the sequel to last year’s Gasworks cityscape post. Mike and Jeremy delighted tourists, along with a short walk by me (adam).  This is flash-slackline at its best!  Note, this line carries a lot of risk due to its height (which does not afford a leash).  If you put this line up I […]

Seattle Slackline Spots

Thinking of slacklining in Seattle?  Here are a few spots I like.  I’ve taken the liberty of adding several of them to Google Maps.  If you search “seattle slackline” on gmaps, you should get my three favorite spots as the top results. Golden Gardens My favorite slackline spot is Golden Gardens beach in Ballard.  Sand […]

Gasworks View

Ever since moving to Seattle, I’d had an idea about slacking on the scary-side of the railing at Gasworks, with the city in the background behind me.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to give this a quick test.  With a more telephoto lens, and better prep, this could be a nicely […]

Gasworks Slackline

Bonnie and I were at Gasworks today, and stumbled upon a couple of guys with a line up at the south west portion of the actual “gasworks” metal structures. There are two vertical metal poles (about 4-5″ in diameter, if I recall), suitable for a 25ft(ish) line between. Also, the ring of trees in the […]