NWslackline Guide to longlining (Part 4): Tension Systems

NWslackline Guide to longlining (Part 4): Tension Systems

It’s taken a few months, but this is the climax of our longline video series.  Here’s where we get into all the nuts and bolts of how to actually get your line tight in a safe manner.  First off, I should say, there are ways to do this that don’t involve pulleys.  In the interest […]

NWslackline guide to longlining (Part 1): Anchor Slings

This will be the easiest topic for us to cover, because there really isn’t that much to talk about.  We need to discuss the different types of anchor slings, and the different ways you can rig them.  In a broad sense, the two types of slings are “homemade” and “manufactured”.  Homemade slings are anything you […]

500ft longline at Marymoor Park

Martin came down from Vancouver today and we spent about 4 hours rigging a 500ft line at Marymoor park.  Due to the line being new and inexplicably stretchy we had some difficulty getting the stretch-factor right, even after bumping from 10% to 15% we were still way off (we closed the pulleys at 15% and […]